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"Janna is the most knowledgeable, thorough and kindhearted trainer I have ever hired. She helped me prepare for my hip surgery, and her expertise has guided my recovery post-surgery. I'm lucky to see her three times a week."

— Dee C,

"Have to report...sitting in church, noticing a stiffness in my neck and upper right shoulder. Put both feet on the floor and 'breathed' deeply to my upper shoulder/neck areas. Then did three eyeball rolls down toward my feet. Stiff neck went away immediately. Can I just say how much you've enriched my life and made it better? So so grateful to you and for you!"

 Laura S.

"Confession: I had gone through throat cancer at 65 years of age. I am 69 years-old and competing in the Naples Fitness Challenge tomorrow. It's a 5k run, 15 mile bike ride and a quarter mile swim. This would not be possible if not for IMS. It has taught me to breathe properly making it possible for me to do this. It is well worth the three year effort. Thank you, Janna! 

— John G

"In the past I experienced pain and discomfort during/following my workouts. With the IMS program Janna designed for me, not only do I feel good during (and after) workouts, I have experienced much better results."

— Jessica H.

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