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Janna is an Integrated Movement Specialist with a Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences and certifications from fitness industry leaders AFAA, NASM and Institute for Integrative Health & Fitness Education. Over the years, she has observed how traditional training approaches do not address the realities and demands of life, especially for those ages 55-plus.


As a fitness industry nerd who loves to read research and push her understanding of exercise science, she has discovered that unlocking the neuro-muscular system is the key to overall fitness success. Be it increased muscle tone/strength, improved balance, or finding an exercise routine pre/post-rehab, it’s essential to train how the nervous system and muscular system work together.

Focusing on alignment, breathing and control, a session with Janna is unlike traditional personal training. A uniquely crafted program is developed for every client using a

variety of approaches like muscle imbalance assessment, muscle release, and functional movement patterns to help clients reach their full potential.

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