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All of us in the AMB community – be it our members, retreat participants or Anchor Specialists – are constantly seeking to improve ourselves in all aspects of our lives. We are thinkers, dreamers and do-ers who use the most proved methodologies to help our bodies function at our optimal. Every day we challenge ourselves and the fitness industry to be the best.

Together, we determine, pursue and achieve our goals. 

Sep 09, 2022, 12:00 PM EDT
Wixom Point Cottages

We offer a quiet, calm space to unwind from the crazy pressures of everyday life, and to reconnect with our body, breath and movement. 


AMB provides a fitness experience void of the latest trends that is both therapeutic and tailored to you. We are about efficient and safe movement, and connectedness to our unique community of Anchor members. Those who prosper at AMB, embrace our guiding principles which are Anchored in: 

  • Demystifying the fitness and wellness industry by using proven modalities and trusted research 

  • Providing you an in-depth assessment process to determine your movement plan

  • Training more than just your muscles: overall alignment, fluid movement patterns, reducing pain and avoiding injury

  • Empowering you to know how to train and treat your own body

  • Bringing expert advice directly to you. We partner with the best of the best in our industry so when you work with AMB, you get access to an array of experts

Are you ready to join our community of Anchors?

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