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- Thich Nhat Hang


We're a passionate wellness partner who empowers & guides you to embrace what is best for your physical & energetic well-being.

Is the fitness business failing you?
We all need strength, endurance and stamina in our lives but not at the cost of causing permanent damage to our minds and bodies. You are in control of your overall wellness and AMB is here to help. 
We are unlike any other boutique healing center. We specialize as Movement Specialists and energy healers providing you with a holistic approach.  
Our goal is to empower and teach you to embrace what is best for your mind, body and spirit so you can forge your unique path forward.
Together we will implement a plan to train your neuromuscular system – how your brain and muscles communicate – so you can sustain the things you need, want and love to do. Working with AMB means you’ll have greater ownership of your overall well-being and increased knowledge about what you need to reach your glorious potential.
Keep scrolling to learn how we determine your individual Anchors and build a plan tailored to your unique needs. 

We offer a quiet, calm space to unwind from the crazy pressures of everyday life, and to reconnect with our body, breath and movement. 


What are your Anchors?

We uncover and determine what your mind, body & spirit needs – your individual anchors - by implementing:

  • A gold standard assessment process to determine your movement patterns, compensations, and energy blocks.

  • An individualized plan using alignment, breathing and muscle control.

  • Science and energy work to deliver what your WHOLE person needs, including goal setting and daily practice techniques.


AMB relies on one of the most effective and best systems in the industry, the Integrative Movement System, which makes up the top 5% of trainers in the world, and the continued energy teachings of the renowned Donna Eden.

What is a typical session look like?

Well, there isn’t anything typical at AMB. Each session is catered to the individual. Some clients only need and want energy work, others only need breathwork, and others want a strength workout. Usually, clients get a blend of all three as this "holy trifecta" is best for our overall well-being. 

The first session is reviewing your intake form, body assessment and breathwork. From there, we fine-tune your personal goals and develop a plan perfect for you.

Future sessions will always include testing what your body needs that day, and every session ends with a take-home assignment. Yes, homework! But, don’t stress, it’s 10 minutes or less a day of breathwork, movement and sometimes meditations to help you become your divine self.

Are you ready to join our community of Anchors?

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